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The recent coverage of the health issues purportedly associated with e-cigs and vapes, lawmakers, health officials, and parents have made things pretty tricky for e-cig, vape, and CBD merchants. Many of these businesses have lost their e-cig and vape credit card processing services and merchant accounts altogether. The current controversy surrounding vaping has further complicated an already-difficult industry when it comes to getting the vape merchant account solutions you need.

This recent controversy adds onto existing factors that make vape and e-cig merchants vulnerable to being viewed as “high-risk” businesses by traditional credit card payment processors. One of the other issues is that the federal government regulates and age-restricts e-cigs and related products. That means that these products require additional procedures and underwriting knowledge by the credit card processor; many are not prepared to offer it.

Another factor is that vape products have become a tangled political issue. Many banks and credit card processors have decided that the political cost of offering merchant services to e-cig and vape businesses outweigh the benefits, even though most of these businesses are legitimate and run properly and responsibly.

What’s a Vape Merchant to Do?

Regardless of the state of the news in 2019, selling vape products online continues to be a profitable business model. However, it’s also one you can’t take on without vape merchant account solutions. However, you can’t apply for just any account; you’ll need a high-risk merchant account solution.

Because of the reasons listed above as well as the potentially high level of chargebacks, you aren’t likely to be able to secure e-cig and vape credit card processing through a traditional bank, as these providers tend to favor low-risk merchant accounts. Because you cannot simply apply with traditional credit card processors and get readily approved, you’ll need to consider a high-risk payment processor such as Premier One Payments.

What you will find at Premier One Payments includes industry minimum pricing with a free cost comparison. We’re happy to provide this service for you because we’re confident that we offer the best value possible for high-risk merchants such as vape businesses. We don’t charge the extensive setup fees you’ll incur with other providers, either. On top of our low prices and acceptance of high-risk merchant accounts, we also approve applications within 48 hours, so you don’t have to wait around, wasting time while you could be making money. We provide greater freedom, convenience, and confidence for many types of high-risk businesses.

How Premier One Payments Can Help

When traditional credit card processors and even other high-risk merchant service providers say no, we say yes. We address the unique needs of your business by giving you credit – and the merchant account services – you deserve. Some of the ways we can help include:

  • High-volume, high-risk merchant account solutions. Beyond speedy payments and secure terminals, when you work with us, you’ll also have the support of a high-risk specialist at your fingertips.
  • eCheck options. We’re more than just credit cards, because your business is, too. Increase your business by offering eCheck options to your customers and get paid faster.
  • Minimizing chargeback risk. Chargebacks are a common concern among high-risk payment processors. We offer chargeback programs designed to minimize your risk and give you the peace of mind you need.
  • Global services. We provide both domestic and offshore merchant accounts. Take your business to the next level by expanding your service area – without worrying about volume caps.
  • No setup fees. Setup fees are standard among high-risk merchant account providers, and they can be significant. We don’t think you should have to pay for setup, so we don’t charge you for it.

We are a leading high-risk merchant account provider offering essential credit card processing services and more to businesses across all industries and of all sizes. Along with vape and e-cig merchants, we also provide our services to other business considered “high-risk,” such as credit repair companies, collection agencies, auto warranty, crowdfunding, dietary supplements, adult entertainment, student loan consolidation, and online firearm merchants.

However, we don’t stop there. Merely providing excellent merchant services for high-risk business isn’t enough. We strive to provide excellent customer service as well. From our quick approval process to the personal attention we give every customer, Premier One Payments has earned a reputation as a different type of credit card processor – one that cares about our customers and does everything we can to help you succeed.

The e-cig and vape industry may be experiencing a tumultuous time, but we continue to see these merchants for what they are: hard-working business owners of legitimate companies selling a popular product. We will continue to provide high0-risk merchant accounts for these businesses and encourage you to contact us with any questions or apply for your merchant account now.

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