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Too many businesses overlook one simple fact:  whom you choose to set up your merchant account matters.

Domestic. International. High-volume. Low-volume. E-commerce. Brick and mortar. Every industry. Premier One enjoys an impeccable global and industry-wide reputation. Our domestic and offshore merchant accounts enable you to accept all the major credit cards — Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Mobile payments? No problem. International transactions? Done! Due to our experience serving thousands of merchants, both in the U.S. and overseas, Premier One could very well be your ticket to greater growth and greater profitability.


For clients concerned about fraud, customer returns or complaints, we proudly offer protection and prevention programs to help you manage your chargeback risks. Productivity tools. Daily monitoring. Reversal management. For those who want greater protection and greater certainty, Premier One has designed programs that let you increase prevention or protection… or both! Time and again, Premier One proves there’s just no substitute for experience.


The ability to accept checks not only provides your customers with an additional convenience option, but it also lets you transact at a much lower rate. It also enables you to sell to those who may not carry a credit card, so you can increase revenue and profits. Plus, our e-Check program results in quicker deposits to your account. So it’s no wonder we gain more business via referral than any other source.

Questions about check acceptance? Just drop us a line and we’ll get back to you quicker than you can say automated clearinghouse.

credit repair merchant account

Premier One has been in the payment processing business for nearly 30 years. We specialize in high-risk industries and know the unique problems faced by credit repair merchants. Our fair policies and reasonable fees will give you a competitive edge in the tightening credit repair industry.

student loan

Premier One Payments aims to promote the companies and businesses that strive to make these students’ lives easier. We aid in reducing the burden on the student. Modifying a student loan is not an easy task as there are many formalities involved. A student can opt to get an extension on their loan term, reduce the interest rates or consolidate all the loans into one by taking out a fresh loan at an affordable interest rate.