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At Premier One Payments, we are proud to work with web designers, web developers, SEO experts, search engine marketers, app developers, and other businesses whose services revolve around the internet. While these types of companies are only becoming more common as the internet continues to grow, they often struggle to obtain credit card processing services due to being considered “high risk.”

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Have You Been Looking for Reliable Merchant Account Services for Your Web Design or SEO Business?

At Premier One Payments, we are proud to work with web designers, web developers, SEO experts, search engine marketers, app developers, and other businesses whose services revolve around the internet. While these types of companies are only becoming more common as the internet continues to grow, they often struggle to obtain credit card processing services due to being considered “high risk.”

Our point of difference from other credit card/payment processors is that we are willing to work with businesses that our competitors see as “high-risk.” From web designers to vape store owners, debt collectors and beyond, our clientele consists of merchants that other merchant account service providers are hesitant to bring on as clients.

To help support your business, we offer high-quality solutions in the form of our web design and SEO merchant accounts. With high approval rates, quick approval turnaround times, chargeback protection, and no setup fees, we are the merchant account services provider you have been seeking for your business.

Why Credit Card Processors Consider Web Services Companies to Be Risky

If you’ve been struggling to secure a web design merchant account for your web development company, your first question is probably about why this whole process is so complicated. These days, virtually every business accepts credit and debit card payments. To accept those types of payments, companies need to have merchant accounts with credit card processors. And if so many other establishments can obtain merchant accounts, why is it so hard to get those approvals in an industry that is robust, relatively stable in terms of demand, and full of potential for continued future growth?

There are a few reasons that many merchant account companies steer clear of most web services companies. These include:

  1. Big-ticket sales

Businesses that offer web development, SEO, app development, and other similar services generally have “big-ticket dimensions” (or large average transactions). Think about web services companies in comparison to retail stores. According to a study conducted by the point-of-sale company Vend, the average retail transaction value in 2018 was $53.98. The à la carte nature of retail leaves the door open for fairly small transactions, which credit card processors like because they reduce the risk of a single chargeback being too detrimental.

In comparison, web services companies are typically billing for large, multi-part projects: full website designs; sprawling SEO and content development projects; complete mobile app builds. These transaction values are likely to land in the thousands of dollars, if not higher. Add the fact that web services companies have fewer transactions than a retail store, and the significance of a single disputed transaction becomes much more critical.

  1. Time between transaction and delivery

A significant lead time between billing for a project and the service delivery is another factor that web services companies must overcome. Your business likely requires clients to pay some or all of the service price upfront, which means customers are paying for something before they see any work done. This lag time between billing and delivery increases the risk of the customer feeling that the work wasn’t completed as they intended or completed to a quality standard. As a result, customers of web services companies are statistically more likely to dispute charges with their credit card company, leading to costly chargebacks.

  1. Bad eggs spoiling the bunch

Finally, many credit card processors are still judging web developers and other web services businesses on the sins of a few disreputable agencies. Especially in the early days of the internet, many web designers or self-proclaimed SEO experts billed clients for services that were either never delivered or were so dire in quality they may as well not have been delivered. These disreputable agencies rarely offered refund policies and sometimes disappeared entirely, to the point where customers had legitimate fraud claims against them. Left with little recourse to recoup their upfront payments, clients initiated chargebacks with their credit card companies on the charges billed by the web services companies. Credit card processors were stung badly by these incidents, to the point where many of them decided not to work with web design companies, app developers, or other similar businesses.

For all three of these reasons, most United States sponsor banks are reluctant (or entirely unwilling) to underwrite merchant accounts for web developers, programmers, SEO companies, and the like. As a result, it can be extremely problematic for companies in these industries to establish the accounts necessary to accept credit and debit card transactions. Only being able to accept cash or check payments, meanwhile, can be a nail in the coffin of these businesses, which need to offer simple, convenient, and tech-friendly payment options to suit the all-online nature of their businesses.

Contact Premier One to Establish Merchant Account Solutions for Your Web-Based Business

If you are seeking a web design merchant account or an SEO merchant account, look no further than Premier One Payments.

We are here to help you grow your business, even if every other credit card processor you have approached has said no. Ninety-eight percent of the companies which apply for accounts with us are approved, and see those approvals come through within 48 hours. We aren’t scared away by the factors that spook other merchant account service providers, such as substantial transactions or past problems with fraud in the web design and development industries. We have protection in place to monitor chargebacks, review them, and contest them where possible. Also, our merchant accounts not only give you the ability to accept credit and debit card payments but also enable you to process other tech-savvy payment methods, such as eCheck.

Not having a credit card processor makes doing business more difficult—especially in industries such as web or app development. Premier One Payments makes doing business easier by offering a payment processing platform so intuitive that you can focus squarely on other things. We firmly believe that web developers and SEO companies play a vital role in helping businesses that maybe aren’t as tech-savvy, navigate the challenges of modern web marketing, engagement, and conversion. As more and more business takes place on the internet, through mobile apps, or via other digital platforms, the services that companies like your offer are only going to become more essential. We are proud to support these efforts through smart payment processing solutions.

Learn More about Premier One and Our Merchant Accounts for Web Design & SEO Business

Are you interested in learning more about our merchant account solutions, or about the specific selling points we offer that you might not find with every credit card processor? To get started with Premier One Payments, get in touch with us today. We’ll get your application process started as soon as possible, to get you approved—and set up your merchant account for payments—within a matter of days.

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