Premier One Payments is a credit card processing company based in Chatsworth, CA. With thousands of satisfied clients operating in various sectors, we have established ourselves as a first-rate provider of merchant services for businesses in the high-risk industry market.

Premier One was founded with a simple goal in mind: to give every business the merchant services it needs to grow in volume, profitability, and reputation. Having worked with high-risk merchants for the last 28 years, we know how much blood, sweat, and tears go into making a company truly great. As such, we take immense pride in providing so many different businesses with the support they need to succeed.

Our Services

Merchant Accounts

As one of the leading high-risk merchant account providers in the US, we offer essential credit card processing to businesses of all sizes and across all industries.

It doesn’t matter if your organization is a low-volume e-commerce firm or a high-volume brick-and-mortar operation — we can handle all of your processing needs. With a Premier One merchant account, your company will be able to accept payments made with all the major credit cards — including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover — in-person, online and over the phone.

As a full-service payment processor, we can provide the beyond secure hardware and software your organization needs to accept both online and mobile payments. Moreover, as a globally respected brand, we can help your company expand its volume and profitability by processing transactions from customers based all over the world.

Finally, we don’t penalize our customers with laborious application processes and profitability-eroding fees just because they operate in what is considered a “high-risk” industry. Instead, we give our clients with the respect and fair rates they deserve.

Check Processing

Our high-risk merchant services also include check processing. As such, the companies we work with can provide their customers with the convenience of being able to pay by paper check, ACH e-check and check by phone.

While the use of checks as a payment method has declined in recent years, it is still common among high-risk industries such as collections, payday loans, multi-level marketing, and loan modification. In addition to giving a business the ability to serve as wide a range of consumers as possible, check payments offer the added benefit of lower processing fees than credit card payments.

Chargeback Protection

For many entrepreneurs, the process of entering or expanding in a lucrative field like e-cigarette retail may seem prohibitive due to the high risk of fraud, returns, or customer complaints.

However, with our decades of experience in merchant services for businesses, we understand that the key to accelerating growth is not avoiding risk but rather identifying and tackling those risks head-on.

Our robust chargeback defense programs include daily monitoring, productivity tools, and reversal management. Our approach is to craft personalized chargeback solutions that suit each of our clients’ needs, whether that entails prevention, protection or both.

Credit Repair

As more than 77 million Americans have reports in debt collections, and 79% of credit reports contain at least one error, credit repair is a thriving billion-dollar industry. However, it is also a carefully regulated one that operates within narrow profit margins. Consequently, business owners active in this field need help to find success.

Premier One is the nation’s leading processor in the credit repair industry. We have the skills and experience to help both burgeoning and established firms grow and thrive.

Our Commitment to Customer Service

For Premier One, it’s not enough to merely provide exemplary merchant services for business in high-risk industries. We strive to provide exemplary customer service as well.

Our commitment to being the best processing solution possible for our clients begins at the application process. While the big banks subject their potential customers to long and frustrating evaluations, 97.8 percent of our merchant services applications are approved within 48 hours.

As an industry leader, we understand that time is money. Consequently, we view our quick approval process as our first opportunity to show you that we’re the best fit for your business.

We also know that that the credit card processing industry has a poor reputation for providing quick and personal customer service. All too often, business owners who have partnered with an online payment processor encounter major hassles when trying to contact a real representative.

Premier One is different. Our customers can contact us via phone, email and even an in-person consultation. Instead of linking to a useless frequently asked questions (FAQ) page, we’re committed to doing everything we can to serve the needs of our growth-driven clients.

We also don’t saddle our partner businesses with the setup fees that other processors use to penalize companies for being too small or having too high a transaction volume.

Because of our commitment to best-in-class customer service, we’ve proudly built a reputation as one of the nation’s top-rated merchant services providers.

●      Card Payment Options has given Premier One an “A” rating in sales and marketing, costs and contracts, rates and fees, and complaints and service.

●      Top Credit Card Processors notes that we have a client retention rate of 98%.

●      Card Payment Options also reports that we have no outstanding complaints or red flags for misleading rate quotes or unrealistic guarantees.

●      We also won Top Credit Card Processors’ Best Processor Award for September 2016.

If you want to learn more about how Premier One Payments can help your company accelerate its growth, learn more here.

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