chargeback protection

Can You Use a High-Risk Merchant Account To Manage Chargebacks

For any business, chargebacks are a fact of life. Chargeback management is complex, costly and challenging, especially to small businesses. Many business owners open a merchant service account in order to effectively manage chargebacks and payments. However, if your bank or other financial institution turns down your business for merchant services, you should consider a quality high-risk merchant account for managing business chargebacks and payment processing.

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Merchant account for student loan

How Does Student Loan Merchant Accounts Work?

Premier One Payments understands the difficult area of student loan relief and more specifically the risks that accompany credit card processing. As a student loan relief business, having the ability to accept credit card payments online and over the phone is of the utmost importance for you, your company and your clients. Increase income and grow your customer base by accepting credit and debit card payments from students to help them in the loan consolidation process with a student loan merchant account. Opening a student debt consolidation merchant account with Premier One Payments allows you to safely and securely process all card payments for your services.

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high risk merchant accounts

High-Risk vs Low-Risk Merchant Accounts

Many companies, although founded by hard-working entrepreneurs, are forced to endure the stigma of being designated a “high-risk merchant.” Moreover, many of the businesses saddled with that label aren’t even aware of it until they look into partnering with a payment processor and find out they’ll be hit with high fees to maintain a merchant account or be refused service outright.

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