High-Risk Merchant Account Solutions

Regardless of their size or industry, most companies operating in “high-risk” fields have one thing in common. They have to maintain profitability despite being charged hefty credit card processing fees. However, Premier One Payments provides its clients with merchant accounts that can help them affordably accept credit cards, grow their businesses and become more profitable.

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Do You Need High-Risk Merchant Account Services for Your Business?

Regardless of their size or industry, most companies operating in “high-risk” fields have one thing in common. They have to maintain profitability despite being charged hefty credit card processing fees. However, Premier One Payments provides its clients with merchant accounts that can help them affordably accept credit cards, grow their businesses and become more profitable.

What is a merchant account?

A merchant account is a type of bank account that allows an individual, business, or organization to accept debit and credit cards as a form of payment.

Let’s say a customer wants to pay for a merchant’s products or services with a credit card. After the credit card data is captured, the company’s payment processor pings the customer’s bank to see if they have they have enough money to complete the transaction.

If they do, the transaction is approved. Upon approval, the funds are moved from the customer’s account to the company’s merchant account. From there, the funds can be transferred to the company’s business bank account.

To facilitate the card payment process, merchant account providers offer clients secure point-of-sale terminals and online payment portals.

How every business can benefit from having a merchant account?

There are two key reasons why businesses of any size operating in any industry should maintain merchant accounts.

The first and most important reason is that merchant accounts allow businesses to accept credit and debit cards. However, because of the exorbitant fees some of the major financial institutions charge their high-volume, high-risk and low-volume clients, some business owners may believe they are better off not accepting card transactions.

The reality is far different. Not accepting credit and debit cards is untenable for US-based businesses.  Every consumer demographic in America prefers to pay with a card instead of cash. Moreover, Millennials, who now make up the largest percentage of the US workforce, use cards to pay for things at more than double the rate of cash. Consequently, every company needs to cater to this clear consumer preference to stay in business.

Another benefit of partnering with a high-risk merchant accounts provider is that doing so allows companies to accept payment from a wide range of consumers, both domestically and offshore.

With Premier One, merchants can not only accept credit and debit cards in-store. They can also accept checksmobile and online payments. As studies have found that accepting all three of those payment types can boost a business’s revenue significantly, not accepting them is equivalent to leaving money on the table.

How to obtain a merchant account?

Although a merchant account can play a pivotal role in promoting growth, obtaining one can be a difficult process for many companies. Traditionally, big banks look at factors such as a company’s industry, sales volume, ticket size, time in operation, financial history and the credit rating of its owners when deciding whether to approve or decline an application.

This process can be especially problematic for businesses such as collection agencies, electronic cigarette retailers, credit repair companies, payday loan providers, multi-level marketing firms, and loan modification businesses.

Why? Because these businesses are often exposed to a high risk of fraud and returns. If companies operating in those fields get approved at all, they must budget for expensive processing fees that erode their bottom line.

Moreover, companies that partner with providers of online merchant accounts will often find it extremely difficult to reach an actual representative if they run into a problem.

Why you should choose Premier One

Regardless of industry or size, all businesses could benefit from partnering with a payment processor like Premier One.

First, we offer businesses the ability to accept all of the major credit cards, checks, mobile, and online payments, both in the United States and offshore. It doesn’t matter if your company is a high-volume e-commerce firm or a low-volume brick-and-mortar retail — we can provide you with the support your company needs to grow and thrive.

And as we specialize in working with companies that are considered “high-risk,” we’ve developed an efficient high-risk merchant account instant approval system. As such, we approve 97.8% of merchant applications within 48 hours. Moreover, we treat our clients with the respect and attention they deserve.

Premier One merchant account services include:

  • Beyond secure POS terminals.
  • Online payment card processing.
  • Multiple MIDS.
  • Load-balancing gateways.
  • No setup fees.
  • Rigorous chargeback defense.
  • Fair processing fees.
  • Merchant account experts available online and by phone.

As a customer-first company, Premier One strives to give all of its merchant account clients processing services that ensure maximum freedom, confidence, and convenience.

Learn More about Premier One and Our High-Risk Merchant Account Solutions

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Payment Processing

  • E-Check
  • Chargeback Protection
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Mobile Payments
  • Multiple Payment Solutions

Merchant Account Experts

  • Fast Merchant Account Approval
  • High Risk Accounts
  • Domestic or Offshore Merchant Account
  • POS/Terminals
  • No Set Up Fees


  • We’re not just credit cards. And neither is your business. By providing eCheck options to customers, you increase business… and the speed at which you get paid!


  • High-volume, high risk merchant processing solutions include load-balancing gateways and multiple MIDS. Beyond secure terminals and speedy payments, you’ll have the support of a high-risk specialist on your speed-dial.


Premier One gives every business the merchant services they need so they can grow in volume, profitability and reputation.

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